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quinta-feira, maio 31, 2007

Only in America

Ross Mill Farm, Inc. Piggy Resort and Spa

«Guests may choose to stay in the Village with its camp-like cabins, private yards and pools or pamper themselves in the luxurious Lodge.

The Lodge boarding facility includes the famous Lula's Piggy Spa,

It is the only facility in the world designed to offer the ultimate in care for the pet pig
This 5,000 sq ft building provides a variety of 38 private suites, each customized to the needs of the guests.

Whether it's a short or long term stay in the Piggy Camp Village or the plush Lodge, each guest is treated individually.

Each pig is worked with daily. Special care is given to thier general health and disposition.»

Para que não julguem que se trata de alguma brincadeira, deixem-me assegurar que isto existe mesmo. Apareceu ontem numa reportagem do The O'Reilly Factor na Fox News.

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